Infrared Aerial Roof Moisture Surveys Inspection

We help building owners and managers detect and document entrained moisture in flat, or low slope insulated commercial roof systems by performing aerial infrared scans  throughout the United States. Because maintaining large complex roofing systems can be very costly, our IR aerial moisture scans inspection provides the information you need to target your repairs.

How Aerial Infrared Scans Moisture Inspections Work

We fly over the roof in an airplane fitted with an infrared imager to create a thermal image of your entire roof structure. With the sun’s heat dissipating after dusk we create a color coded thermograph with red and orange indicating warmer areas and white areas indicating cooler areas. If moisture has infiltrated the roof substrates, those areas will retain more heat allowing us to identify roof integrity concerns you may not be aware of.

When Aerial Infrared Moisture Inspections Are Most Recommended

While aerial infrared roof inspections offer benefits to any commercial roofing structure they are ideal in the following cases:

  • Very large commercial roofs
  • Prison roofs
  • Dangerous roofs
  • Roofs with no access
  • Complex roofs with multiple buildings.