Electrical Switchgear and other Component Scans Using Thermal Imaging

Electrical switchgear and panels are the bloodline to supply electricity throughout commercial, manufacturing and industrial buildings. Without it, production stops and money is lost. Infrared is a proven nondestructive tool to identify electrical problems prior to failure, allowing our clients to take proactive steps to prevent costly and sometimes dangerous electrical outages.

Infrared electrical systems surveys are typically conducted on an annual basis as part of a regular preventive maintenance program. This allows for the inspection of most of the electrical equipment in a short time. Since the systems are inspected under load we will spot any changes that have developed since the last scan was performed. The alternative method of physically inspecting and tightening electrical components is not only time consuming, but also requires the electrical systems to be de-energized and shut down. This would result in lost production and increased maintenance cost. The infrared electrical systems survey locates faulty electrical items not generally found during a physical inspection.

By utilizing an infrared electrical systems survey we can locate problems before they lead to an unscheduled outage, equipment damage or a fire. Many facility engineers are avoiding costly expenses every year with infrared electrical surveys. An infrared electrical systems survey scan can substantially improve profitability and reduce your operating, testing and maintenance costs by offering many benefits:

• Can be tested under load to avoid costly system shutdowns
• Reduce downtime and electrical equipment damage
• Prevent catastrophic and costly system failures
• Quickly pinpoint electrical systems problems
• Quickly establish repair priorities
• Drastically improve preventive maintenance efficiency

Commercial businesses are often asked by insurance companies to conduct an infrared electrical scan inspection as a risk management tool. All of the larger insurance companies require annual infrared scans as part of a conscientious preventive maintenance and risk management program. During an infrared electrical inspection, elevated temperatures are located and reported before service interruption, equipment damage, or a possible fire occurs.

Infrared thermography testing is non-contact and nondestructive testing (NDT). By performing an infrared scan of your electrical system under load and ‘in real time’ our infrared electrical systems survey inspections will give you ‘the whole picture’ and help you understand the practical impacts of emerging or existing electrical component problems.

Hot Breaker

We inspect Breaker panels, switch gear, bus heads and other components specific to commercial businesses. The resulting report identifies problem areas illustrated with infrared thermograms.

An annual inspection can increase safety and can be used by an insurance company to assess the potential risk of a commercial business.

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